One Media iP

PLUS Markets Group plc announcement of the 18th May 2012

One Media, the PLUS quoted consolidators and acquirers of music and video rights, greets the news of the pending acquisition by ICAP Holdings Limited of PLUS-SX (the market on which One Media's shares are traded) as a positive move.

Michael Infante CEO/Chairman said:

Since the news a week ago that PLUS was being wound down, like many members of this share platform, we considered our options. We will continue to do this despite the news that PLUS-SX may be acquired by ICAP, as forewarned is forearmed. I have been watching with interest the news coverage regarding this issue and we will exercise caution in our decision as to how we will proceed. PLUS in our opinion is, for many `small-caps', a very important yet fragile exchange, and despite the liquidity issues plays an important role. One Media will continue to monitor the situation with its professionals.

One Media iP will release its unaudited half yearly report on Monday 11th June 2012.