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One Media iP Group is an expanding and profitable B2B music rights acquirer and exploiter. We specialise in acquiring and monetising music content through digital download and streaming services worldwide. Our library now contains in excess of 170,000 nostalgia music tracks.

Digital Exploitation

As a digital music label, our clients are at the forefront of digital music services. Compiled from the vast library of music tracks we own and/or control we have supplied more than 16,000 music albums to all the major digital music stores worldwide including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Sync Library

As a B2B audio provider, music from our sync library is used in adverts, films, TV shows and games. Our bespoke online software enables music supervisors to find the perfect music to fit their brief. All tracks are available to stream as full-length MP3s and the advanced search facility allows you to search for lyrics, moods, years, chart positions, genre, and of course specific artists and tracks. We have music to suit all briefs and budgets at unbeatable rates.

Music Library

One Media iP is a major independent music content owner. The library contains in excess of 170,000 music tracks performed by over 4,000 artists from the 1920s to the 21st century with hits spanning 10 decades and every genre of music from Rock to Pop, Country, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Electronic, Reggae, Children's, Gospel, World music and Hip-Hop, plus over 1200 hours of classical music.

Investor Relations

One Media iP Group Plc is listed on the AIM Market (a share trading platform of the London Stock Exchange). It is profitable, debt free, has EIS and VCT eligibility and is a dividend stock.

5th February 2016


Wondering Where Your Music Should Flow From?

With streaming accounting for 73% of the UK Singles Chart in Q4 last year and 33.8% of artist albums in Q3, it’s impossible to deny the rise of the stream! So if you’re still wondering whether to jump in, here’s the One Media iP short guide to streaming.

With more and more services vying for your £9.99 per month, there’s lots to choose from, but are the products on offer actually that different? Most services you opt for stream music at a maximum of 320kbps so unless you're an audiophile you should be satisfied. Most services boast how comprehensive their catalogue is and with so much music, you probably won’t notice something specific is missing until you deliberately look for it…

So if you’re a complete novice looking to dip your toe in, Amazon Prime Music is a great place to start as many people will already have it bundled with their Amazon free delivery. It feels geared to the mainstream and its Best Of Prime Music playlist feels like a crowd pleaser. Its new radio station function is easy to use too. Start here and you may want to move on to the more targeted music fan services…

Tidal is still splashing about! What it lacks in popularity, it makes up for with style and simplicity. Its video content gives YouTube a bit of competition and its Tidal Rising section, which promotes up-and-coming acts, gives a nice edge. If you have good enough speakers or headphones, Tidal’s Hi-Fi option does give better sound quality, the service is targeted at the music obsessive… but is it worth the extra price tag…?

Deezer clearly spent their design budget on their advertising campaign but hidden in the offering is its gem of a podcast feature. Its overall offering blends in to the background, not doing enough to stand out from the pack.

Despite being the first of its kind to make it big, Napster offers more or less the same as everyone else and has no killer function that makes it stand out over Spotify, other than the transfer of playlists from other services. Apple Music, where things are as easy to navigate as a ladies handbag, does at least look the part, and whilst the curation may be good, the functionality is beyond bad. The playlists may be great, but you’ll have lost the will to live trying to work with it. Spotify's Discover Weekly is known to be ace, but its curation can feel limited.

Spotify is still the biggest player in the music streaming market and to be honest there’s good reason, it's user friendly and intuitive, but Google Music is certainly worth a look. A real plus point of Google Music is the ability to upload your existing music. You can backup and listen to up to 20,000 tracks, which appear alongside your streaming content as one happy library.

The hotly-anticipated UK launches of subscription series from YouTube Red and SoundCloud will no doubt bring even more choice to this already busy sector.

The industry may still view streaming as the monkey on its back, but it’s time to embrace the future. 2016 is the year of the monkey after all.  Happy paddling.

  • One Media iP And Songs For Children Bringing Music To Young Ears Since 1978

    One Media iP And Songs For Children Bringing Music To Young Ears Since 1978

    Formats may change but for one Norfolk based children’s record label they’re celebrating over 35 years in the business… ‘Songs For Children’ has been bringing music to young ears for decades, starting out on cassettes, to CDs, to download and now streaming, it seems the old ones are still the best. Demand for these classic productions has certainly stood the test of time…

    Created by Brenda and Robin Markwell in 1978, the Songs For Children brand has been bringing British made children’s music and stories to young ears for over 35 years. From its inception it created over 800 recordings, all produced by Robin Markwell under the Songs For Children Label at the Ivan Berg Studios, West Hampstead, London. In 1986 it became a registered limited company (Reg No 01983121) with its offices based in Dereham, Norfolk.

    The Songs For Children ethos was clear, to produce entertaining and enjoyable recordings which children would want to listen to time and time again and which would help them learn to count as well as the basics of simple spelling. This was achieved by using a combination of new songs, traditional nursery rhymes and stories together with simple instructions from the narrator. These exclusive and original arrangements were all registered as unique published works with the MCPS, PRS and have been used countless times over the years for radio and TV synchronisation.

    Originally released on cassette and then compact disc the Songs For Children range sold over a million discs in the UK. With its extremely high production values and the precise enunciation and exacting English the brand became well-known for its quality and established itself as a trusted educational resource, for which it was awarded the Gold Award for Best Educational Toy by The Good Toy Guide. It was available from all good children’s retailers, which included The Early Learning Centre, ToysRus, Asda and Summerfield as well as traditional music retailers. The brand went on to be licensed globally enjoying sales worldwide.

    In 2007 Songs for Children founder Robin Markwell passed away and in 2008 One Media iP Ltd acquired the exclusive master rights to this catalogue, bringing this well loved children’s collection to the digital market for the very first time, making them available on all the digital retailers which include iTunes, Amazon, Spotify through their distributor The Orchard. 

    Over 35 years since this original British collection first came to market it continues to prosper, being loved by generation after generation of children.

  • One Media iP signs an exclusive digital distribution deal with the London Children's Ballet (LCB)

    One Media iP signs an exclusive digital distribution deal with the London Children's Ballet (LCB)

    Digital content aggregator One Media is delighted to announce a new collaboration with The London Children's Ballet (LCB) which will see, for the first time, the digital release of their entire music and video library made available to over 600 digital stores such as Google Play, iTunes, Spotify & Deezer to name a few. Additionally, a dedicated commercial video channel is being established on YouTube. One Media is working with ballet experts to edit the shows and for the first time will show the LCB productions on a move by move basis from a 'demi-plie’ to a ‘pas de deux’.

    United by their passion for ballet, the highly talented young LCB dancers aged 9-14 (boys 9-16) come from every economic, social and ethnic background. With audition judges selecting children who have that special appeal regardless of whether or not they have a perfect ballet body and giving them the opportunity to perform in a week-long West End run to sell-out audiences.

    Carrie Reiners, Executive Director of London Children’s Ballet commented “We are thrilled to work with One Media iP to help us promote our vast creative output to a larger audience.  For 21 years LCB has been a leader in creating new narrative ballets with original scores.  This music is typically only heard in live performances and on DVD recordings, but now it will be accessible to all fans of classical and ballet music allowing us to grow our national and international footprint.  LCB chose One Media iP for their expertise in the digital music industry, their talented and dedicated staff and for their strong commitment to the arts.  We look forward to a long and successful partnership.”  

    CEO of One Media iP Michael Infante, explained “Access to the arts is so important and we are delighted to ensure that the work of the LCB reaches the widest audience as possible. This collaboration will enable the amazing archive of content to be brought to the wider public in easy to watch steps combined with the full shows at long last, inspiring dancers from all walks of life.”

    London Children’s Ballet will return to the West End in 2016 with a beautiful new production of Little Lord Fauntleroy in April 2016.

  • Acquisition of MotorCity, High Energy & Northern Soul Catalogues Public Performing License

    Acquisition of MotorCity, High Energy & Northern Soul Catalogues Public Performing License

    OMiP has acquired the Public Performing License (PPL) income associated with the MotorCity & High Energy/Northern Soul Catalogues. Established in 1934, the PPL ( administers the monetisation of performances on behalf of the rights owners and issues licenses on their behalf to radio broadcasters, TV channels, shopping centres, telephone on hold music, nightclubs and any public venue that plays and/or exploits music to enhance their businesses. This income is commonly referred to as "Neighboring Rights" and is monitored by the PPL and its partners worldwide. The PPL has recently reported continued growth year on year in this sector of music monetisation and collection.

    The deal, which allows OMIP to collect the PPL income to over 3,000 music performances held within the catalogue, whose master rights were originally acquired on the 1st January 2010. This license further strengthens this catalogue's revenue bearing income stream.

    Commenting on the acquisition, Michael Infante CEO & Chairman of One Media, said "Neighboring Rights income is likened to ground rents. The income stream is usually modest but is collected under statute in most territories worldwide. Every time a track is played anywhere in the world via a broadcast service or used to enhance a service or product, it triggers a payment which is ultimately reported to the label controlling such rights. I am pleased that we have acquired these rights to our most valuable Motor City and Northern Soul, High Energy Catalogues".

  • One Media iP Leading The Way On Monetisation At The London iP Summit

    One Media iP Leading The Way On Monetisation At The London iP Summit

    Hosted at The London Stock Exchange, this years guest speakers will include One Media iP’s Michael Infante, who will be on a panel of experts including IBM’s Marc A. Ehrlich and QinetiQ’s Dr. Elli Oxtoby discussing the all important role of iP monetisation.

    The 4th LPS - London IP Summit, is an industry leading event dedicated to bringing together IP owners, experts and investors to address key challenges and operational issues faced by companies and IP professionals today. The summit will provide meaningful and valuable insights in IP generation as well as managing, protecting, enforcing and monetising intellectual property portfolio. The event aims to create an industry networking platform to accelerate stakeholders’ collaboration as a vehicle for higher profit generation.

    The LPS - London IP Summit, chaired by Stephen Pattison of ARM Holdings Plc, is an established annual meeting for IP regulators, policy makers, Board-level IP managers, as well as IP experts, litigators, investors and their advisers in a dialogue designed to address and to discuss best practices and solutions to enhance IP management strategies.

  • One Media iP Ltd Awarded $781,846.32 USD in Copyright Litigation in the USA

    One Media iP Ltd Awarded $781,846.32 USD in Copyright Litigation in the USA

    One Media is pleased to announce that the litigation against Henry Hadaway, HHO Licensing Ltd and Henry Hadaway Organisation Ltd,(“the Hadaway Defendants”) has been successfully adjudged as 'wilful copyright infringement of One Media iP's (the Plaintiff) exclusive copyrights into the Point Classics catalogue of recordings.

    On 17 September 2015 the Federal Court in Nashville Tennessee issued a judgment for the sum of $781,846.32 USD (seven hundred & eighty one thousand, eight hundred and forty six dollars and 32 cents) (which includes costs of $9,928.82 USD) in favour of One Media iP Ltd against the HHO entities and Henry Hadaway personally for the wilful infringement of 1,466 (one thousand four hundred and sixty six) recordings from the Point Classics catalogue owned exclusively by One Media iP Ltd.

    Point Classics is currently one of the leading digital classical music catalogues and comprises many of the great masterpieces by the world's greatest composers. Works composed by Vivaldi, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Smetana, Schumann, Schubert, Rossini, Ravel, Pachelbel, Mozart, Hadyn, Handel, Dvorak, Brahms, Bizet, Beethoven, Bach and Albinoni to name just some of the 100 composers within the catalogue of rights.

    The catalogue comprises of over 4000 recordings it is widely used (under strict license) for digital, physical and synchronization purposes. Point Classics operates a digital web site for music supervisors and licensees alike whereby the content is regularly exploited on a B2B basis. (

    One Media is now exploring its legal options with regards to enforcing the award made by the Federal Court in Nashville Tennessee.

    Michael Infante CEO commented "We are pleased that the Federal Court in Nashville Tennessee has recognised our exclusive ownership into these recordings and the wilful infringement made by the Hadaway Defendants. This sends a strong message to those who believe that exploiting our content in foreign territories will go unchallenged. The music industry is only as good as its content and its ability to monetise it and we will strongly defend our music assets whereby we see them being flagrantly infringed”.

    For further information, please contact:
    One Media iP Group Plc  -  Chairman and Chief Executive Michael Infante Tel: +44 (0)175 378 5500
    One Media iP Group Plc - Brand & Communications Manager - Alice Dyson-Jones Tel: +44 (0)175 378 5501

  • One Media to Attend Reeperbahn Music Festival Conference

    One Media to Attend Reeperbahn Music Festival Conference

    One Media iP is pleased to announce it's attendance at this years Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany as part of the BPI’s trade mission delegation. The Reeperbahn Festival Conference is Europe’s B2B platform for the music and digital industry and offers industry professionals the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas at sessions, networking events, meetings, award ceremonies and showcases. At this year’s conference, top international speakers will address issues relevant to the music industry under the heading ‘Talents, Trends & Trade’ and its submarkets – recorded music, live entertainment, and publishing and related sectors in the digital economy.

    The conference welcomes more than 3,500 media representatives and professionals from the music and digital industries from approximately 40 countries and runs from 23 - 26th September 2015.

    To arrange a meeting with one of the One Media team attending the conference please email:

    Michael Infante - CEO & Chairman - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Alice Dyson-Jones Brand & Communication Manager - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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