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One Media iP Group is an expanding and profitable B2B music rights acquirer and exploiter. We specialise in acquiring and monetising music content through digital download and streaming services worldwide. Our library now contains in excess of 170,000 nostalgia music tracks.

Digital Exploitation

As a digital music label, our clients are at the forefront of digital music services. Compiled from the vast library of music tracks we own and/or control we have supplied more than 16,000 music albums to all the major digital music stores worldwide including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Sync Library

As a B2B audio provider, music from our sync library is used in adverts, films, TV shows and games. Our bespoke online software enables music supervisors to find the perfect music to fit their brief. All tracks are available to stream as full-length MP3s and the advanced search facility allows you to search for lyrics, moods, years, chart positions, genre, and of course specific artists and tracks. We have music to suit all briefs and budgets at unbeatable rates.

Music Library

One Media iP is a major independent music content owner. The library contains in excess of 170,000 music tracks performed by over 4,000 artists from the 1920s to the 21st century with hits spanning 10 decades and every genre of music from Rock to Pop, Country, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Electronic, Reggae, Children's, Gospel, World music and Hip-Hop, plus over 1200 hours of classical music.

Investor Relations

One Media iP Group Plc is listed on the AIM Market (a share trading platform of the London Stock Exchange). It is profitable, debt free, has EIS and VCT eligibility and is a dividend stock.

19th May 2015


One Media iP signs Billboards Next Big Sound

British singer-songwriter Juliette Ashby has signed a two-album deal with One Media iP. Strongly backed by major radio and TV, including BBC’s 1Xtra, VH1 and MTV, this UK breakout artist is a potent synthesis of R&B, Reggae and Neo-Soul.
With a captivating voice enveloped in soothing harmonies, Juliette has been described by Perez Hilton as “instantly hypnotic and instantly memorable.” She has already wowed crowds at SXSW and The Isle of White Festival. Championed by Craig Charles on his Radio 6 music Funk and Soul Show, she has collaborated with industry juggernauts that include Da Brat, Mike Kalombo (So So Def), Graham Marsh (Cee-Lo), Wayne Beckford, Blac Elvis (Beyoncé, Usher), Alan Glass (Aretha Franklin, George Benson, Earth Wind and Fire), Novel (Alicia Keys, Ciara), Hardwork & Mavelle (Damian Marley & Sean Paul).

One Media’s Michael Infante commented “We are extremely excited to welcome Juliette to the One Media family, she is already making industry waves and broken the top ten of the prestigious ‘Next Big Sound’ chart with Billboard.”
Juliette said of the signing "I'm really excited about my new collaboration with One Media, they’re a great team. Exciting things lay ahead for us for 2015 and the years to come!"
Her debut album 'Over + Over' featuring the singles 'Grow Like A Seed' & 'Like A Bass Guitar' is set to place Juliette firmly in the public eye when it is released on 26th May 2015

On 16th June 2015, Juliette will also be releasing an acoustic album, a heartfelt collection of songs, 'Bitter Sweet'.  Written over five years, it was originally intended as an outlet for her own personal tragedy, but today has come to mean so much more...“This album is dedicated to people dealing with grief, pain, addiction, loss...I hope this will help anyone out there who needs it...” Click here to listen to BitterSweet

She still finds time to continue her residency in London's Jazz Café where she hosts her very own music night ‘JJ's Soulshack’. UK fans will be able to catch Juliette at the Servants Jazz Quarter in Dalston for an album launch in mid June.

Gav Duffy ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) at Raised by Wolves PR will be supporting the album releases with below the line media coverage and James Ryan ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) at Wurd Social will be running the social media campaign.

“Flawless! Blew me away." – Kiss FM Breakfast Show

“Juliette took me by surprise with her captivating performance and soulful voice. If you get the chance to see her, don’t turn it down. You won’t regret it!” –

“Fans of smooth Reggae and R&B sounds will have the urge to hear more of Juliette – her live performance is one unique experience. Thumbs up!” – Cent Magazine

For more information, or review/playlist copies please contact Alice Dyson-Jones This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 01753 785500.

For interview requests please contact Gav Duffy 07840158350

  • One Media litigates in the USA Worldwide copyright infringement claim

    One Media litigates in the USA Worldwide copyright infringement claim

    One Media iP Group (AIM: OMIP), the digital media content provider, which consolidates, exploits and monetises intellectual property rights around music and video is pursuing a lawsuit in the USA against Believe SAS ("Believe Digital Group"), S.A.A.R Srl and Henry Hadaway ("HHO Licensing Ltd and Henry Hadaway Organisation Ltd") that was originally filed by Telos Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Point Classics in April 2014.

    In July 2014 One Media acquired the Point Classics Catalogue ("the Catalogue") from Telos Holdings Inc./Point Classics, LLC in the USA (see RNS dated 3rd July 2014) for a consideration of USD$1.6m. The Catalogue comprises 4558 US copyright registered Classical tracks by the world's leading composers. A significant number of tracks (no less than 1,466) have been identified by One Media as being unauthorised for exploitation worldwide by Believe SAS (a French Company) pursuant to an alleged physical license granted by HHO Licensing Ltd to S.A.A.R Srl (an Italian Company). The litigation is being prosecuted by One Media in the Federal Court in Nashville Tennessee and is being defended by Believe SAS and S.A.A.R Srl on the grounds of improper jurisdiction despite widespread worldwide exploitation by Believe SAS and SAAR, SrL both in and out of the USA.

    Michael Infante CEO & Chairman: "We have been forced to litigate in this matter to protect the rights engrained in our asset to prevent unauthorised exploitation of this important acquisition."

  • Good Times as One Media iP bucks the trend

    Good Times as One Media iP bucks the trend

    A recent trade study of the music business during 2014 (reported by Musically) established that digital revenues worldwide were up 6.9% in value last year (2014) to $6.85bn. The growth was stunted due to downloads (the iTunes model) dropping by 8% overall (10.9% for single tracks and 4.2% for digital albums). Streaming (the Spotify model) was up by 39% ($1.57bn) representing 23% of total digital income, taking up the slack caused by the loss in download revenue, (CD sales were down by 8%) streaming up by 18% on 2013 with Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Napster, Tidal and others achieving 41million paying subscribers.  This represents a growth of over 500% since 2010 and a 40% increase over 2013. Global sales as a whole including all formats were down 0.4% overall. The industry feeling is that this is encouraging and suggests that the market drop since the turn of the millennium is reaching a turning point.
    The industry will have to watch 2015 very carefully as to how much music sales (CDs and downloads) decline this year and monitor the growth in streaming versus the fall in other formats to establish the shape of the evolving music industry.

  • Report from WestHouse Securities

    Report from WestHouse Securities

    Written by WestHouse Securities

    Michael Infante, Chairman and CEO of One Media plc came in to tell us more about the company he founded in 2005. One Media acquires and exploits intellectual property rights, repackaging content from years gone by, using its proprietary software, so that it is ‘digitally ready’. One Media has a catalogue of performance rights over 200,000 music tracks generally from the 1950s-1990s, and 8,000 videos. This content is delivered to over 600 web-based music and video stores (such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and YouTube). Michael pointed out that the industry is now in the midst of another shift away from digital downloads towards streaming. The speed and ultimate effect of this transition are still in question and this has caused forecasts for 2015 and 2016 to be moderated at the time of the Company’s final results last week. With streaming there is no fixed price, but a minimum subscription fee. This impacts habits – for instance consumers tend to be more experimental with music choices. The effect on the type of content One Media owns is as yet unknown. To date it has been a case of an 80:20 rule, where 20% of content works hard and generates 80% of One Media’s income. Unlike other providers that cater to ‘hit’ music audiences, no one track/artist does more than 1% of One Media’s turnover. Outside of this core business, one Media has two other business areas: (1) ‘Sync’ a new part of the business that sweats the long tail of assets, by making them search-able and purchase-able for films etc. (2) an expanding video library (which currently consists of 8,000 programmes; there are more opportunities with tv/film content versus music to be ‘sliced and diced’ in different ways, such as creating short clips concentrating on certain scenes or themes…these are leveraged and monitised across YouTube.

    The likes of YouTube and Spotify take a large chunk for the use of their platforms. However there seem to be plans afoot, albeit very early stage, for One Media to create an owned, more B2C offering as it is exploring technology options. Nearer term, we would expect more content acquisition in particular in the area of tv/film (which is only 5% of the current business). The Company has been finding that – similar to what was seen with audio content – tv/film content as it ages is becoming more available for acquisition. Given he owns c.35% Michael stressed that he is only interested in deals that he considers good value, and outlined a number of transaction structures that are persuasive for current owners. The next 12-18 months will be a very interesting time for the Company and though organic growth expectations have been moderated, further content acquisitions alongside the build-out of technology to enable more B2C (such as apps) could add to growth potential.

  • One Media iP Results 2013/14

    One Media iP Results 2013/14

    One Media iP (AIM: OMIP), the digital media content provider which exploits intellectual digital property rights around music, video and spoken word, is pleased to announce its Final Results for the year ended 31 October 2014.
    One Media have maintained a positive set of results with continued growth in revenue and profitability, and maintained their dividend policy.
    One Media CEO & Chairman, Michael Infante, commented As more customers embrace streaming, it creates shifts in user demand and in the way that consumers enjoy digital content. The subscription model, adopted by Spotify, challenges the iTunes download model, and once again produces changes in the music and video landscape.  We look forward to continuing our strategy of rights acquisitions and the exploitation of our content via the many new services that are emerging alongside those that are now well established.
    The landscape has evolved unrecognisably since the early days of the gramophone, each evolution presenting new challenges and whilst the mediums may have changed along the way, the opportunity to monetise audio and visual IP is undeniable. We remain confident in our activities and are flexible enough to move with the changes and set new horizons and opportunities for all of our content. 

    Financial Highlights

    • Revenue up 9.5% to 2,900,090 (2013: 2,649,130);
    • EBITDA increased by 23.6% to 827,794 (2013: 669,996);
    • Profit before tax up 94.7% to 642,273 (2013: 329,889);
    • Cash balances of 1,219,466 at 31 October 2014 (2013: 1,688,093);
    • Dividends paid in year ending 31 October 2014, totalling 100,598 (2013 70,135). The first on 25 November 2013 at 0.077p per share and on 8 July 2014 a further dividend of 0.071p per share;
    • A further USD$2.0m (GBP1.2m) advance against royalties received from The Orchard, the Groups digital distributor.

    Operational Highlights

    • Acquisition of the Point Classics Catalogue of rights for US $1.6m comprising over 4,000 classical music tracks;
    • Acquisition under a long-term license for 300,000 of the Church Street Station and Rock n Roll Palace catalogues of audio-visual rights;
    • One Media was awarded 2nd place in the Rising Star category, chosen from companies representing 27 countries in the FESE European Small and Mid-Cap Awards;
    • The consolidation and buyout for US $75,000 of one of the Groups long term licensors for nostalgic content that previously had an on-going royalty and US $100,000 acquisition of a variety of smaller content catalogues including the following:

    The report of the auditor in the Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 October 2014 and the full announcement can be viewed on the companys website,, with effect from Tuesday 10th March 2015.

    For more information or if you would like to arrange an interview with Michael Infante please contact Alice Dyson-Jones
    One Media iP Group Plc
    Alice Dyson-Jones
    Brand & Communications Manager   
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Tel +44 (0)175 378 5501

  • Update Bulletin Feb 2015 from Michael Infante CEO for OMiP Partners

    Update Bulletin Feb 2015 from Michael Infante CEO for OMiP Partners

    2015 is a new challenging year. So many changes so many upsets. That is how the industry is viewing much of what has happened in the last 3 months. From a One Media perspective and with our 10 years of experience in the digital environment I suppose it is all to be expected. The landscape has changed, the digital model of iTunes and full track downloading is going to become an old format its being said, whilst the streaming model of Spotify's business model, becomes the Kings New Clothes. The press is littered with artists complaining of lower income and statistics are being banded about regarding the shift and its overall effect on labels income, and if you believe everything you read were all going to rush out and replace our collections with vinyl...

  • Men and Motors to attend The Geneva International Motor Show

    Men and Motors to attend The Geneva International Motor Show

    Men and Motors have announced a new schedule of activity for 2015 commencing with their attendance at the Geneva International Motor Show in March. A new Men and Motors website is in the pipeline which promises to deliver the latest news, views and clips from the world of motoring, complementing the extremely successful YouTube channel that currently delivers content from the broadcaster with over 325,000 views a week.

    The Men and Motors channel rose to fame in the 2000’s with the help of presenters Richard Hammond and John Inverdale. This latest move looks to inject new content along side the deep archive of rich automotive content, making it a destination for all things motoring new and old.

    The Geneva International Motor Show will take place for the 85th time from March 5-15, 2015 at Palexpo. All of the major manufacturers have confirmed their participation and are preparing to present numerous new models.

    The show has been expanding and improving ever since, establishing itself as one of the five major global automotive events, drawing exhibitors and journalists from around the world.

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