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One Media iP Group

One Media iP Group is an expanding and profitable B2B music rights acquirer and exploiter. We specialise in acquiring and monetising music content through digital download and streaming services worldwide. Our library now contains in excess of 170,000 nostalgia music tracks.

Digital Exploitation

As a digital music label, our clients are at the forefront of digital music services. Compiled from the vast library of music tracks we own and/or control we have supplied more than 16,000 music albums to all the major digital music stores worldwide including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Sync Library

As a B2B audio provider, music from our sync library is used in adverts, films, TV shows and games. Our bespoke online software enables music supervisors to find the perfect music to fit their brief. All tracks are available to stream as full-length MP3s and the advanced search facility allows you to search for lyrics, moods, years, chart positions, genre, and of course specific artists and tracks. We have music to suit all briefs and budgets at unbeatable rates.

Music Library

One Media iP is a major independent music content owner. The library contains in excess of 170,000 music tracks performed by over 4,000 artists from the 1920s to the 21st century with hits spanning 10 decades and every genre of music from Rock to Pop, Country, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Electronic, Reggae, Children's, Gospel, World music and Hip-Hop, plus over 1200 hours of classical music.

Investor Relations

One Media iP Group Plc is listed on the AIM Market (a share trading platform of the London Stock Exchange). It is profitable, debt free, has EIS and VCT eligibility and is a dividend stock.

31st May 2016


One Media iP to attend Midem

One Media iP is pleased to announce it's attendance at this years Midem, THE LEADING INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS EVENT FOR THE MUSIC ECOSYSTEM held in Cannes, at the Palais des Festivals, from 3-6th June 2015.

The team will join 6,150 participants and 1,236 exhibiting companies from 75 countries, building and expanding their international network. One Media's Chairman Michael Infante commented "Midem gives us the opportunity to stay on top of the industry trends and ensure our vision is always one step ahead as we dig deeper into subjects that are at the core of our industry.  As the industry continues to exeprience change, we must continue to operate the best practices in the fields of music, technology, creativity and innovation.  We pride ourselves as being one step ahead of the curve and Midem is a great opoprtunity to meet other influential and bright leaders in music, brands and technology."

To arrange a meeting with one of the One Media iP team attending the conference please email:

Michael Infante - CEO & Chairman - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roman Poplawski - Director Business Affairs - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alice Dyson-Jones - Commercial Director - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mary Kuehn - Executive Sales Consultant (North America) - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Hadaway Income Successfully Intercepted

    Hadaway Income Successfully Intercepted

    In September last year One Media announced that the Federal Court in Nashville Tennessee had issued a judgment for the sum of $781,846.32 USD (seven hundred & eighty one thousand, eight hundred and forty six dollars and 32 cents) (which includes costs of $9,928.82 USD) in favour of One Media iP Ltd against the HHO entities and Henry Hadaway personally for the wilful infringement of 1,466 (one thousand four hundred and sixty six) recordings from the Point Classics catalogue owned exclusively by One Media iP Ltd.

    Having explored its legal options with regards to enforcing the award made by the Federal Court in Nashville Tennessee, One Media is pleased to update that it was informed by the Criminal Investigator's office of the United States Marshal of the Southern District of New York that it has successfully intercepted $44,585.94 of income due to Hadaway by its New York-based distributor from its on-going digital music exploitation within the United States.  The Company is aware that Hadaway is now attempting to re-litigate the aforementioned judgment in Nashville Tennessee. 

    Michael Infante Chairman & CEO commented, "The Hadaway defendants have had ample time to defend this matter. They were served in accordance with the Hague Convention and a judgment against them was obtained in the State of Tennessee in accordance with US Law. They have had over two years in which to make legal representations in this case. They chose not to engage in the proceedings. Eight months have now passed since the ruling and the Group has been successful in its first collection of monies. One Media will robustly defend this attempt to undermine the judgment. In the meantime the United States Marshals Service will continue to enforce further collections of monies to satisfy this judgment."

    Point Classics is currently one of the leading digital classical music catalogues and comprises many of the great masterpieces by the world's greatest composers. Works composed by Vivaldi, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Smetana, Schumann, Schubert, Rossini, Ravel, Pachelbel, Mozart, Hadyn, Handel, Dvorak, Brahms, Bizet, Beethoven, Bach and Albinoni to name just some of the 100 composers within the catalogue of rights.

    The catalogue comprises of over 4000 recordings it is widely used (under strict license) for digital, physical and synchronization purposes. Point Classics operates a digital web site for music supervisors and licensees alike whereby the content is regularly exploited on a B2B basis. (

  • London Motor Show To Host Men & Motors

    London Motor Show To Host Men & Motors

    Men&Motors is back and will be filming at the London Motor Show on 5th May 2016 for its forthcoming series pilot. Star hosts Shane Lynch (Boyzone fame) and Torie Campbell (CNBC’s One Second in F1 racing) will be covering the show and interviewing the motoring elite. The two-man film crew and supporting cast includes ‘Bloxed Beat’ who are the Men&Motors in-house ‘musical improvisation’ beat box group. The new M&M Show being planned is proposed for broadcast in 2017. The Show is targeted at ‘late teens to 30 Cools’. M&M will introduce many new and exciting features, games and an all action line-up of an adrenaline paced show. The show will not just feature cars but introduce a cross selection of other motoring mayhem from all aspects of motor driven vehicles from ‘land sea and air’ both real and virtual.

    Men&Motors launched in 1996 as a joint venture between Granada and ITV, Men&Motors grew to be one of the UK’s most popular and celebrated channels. Broadcasting motoring content on satellite and cable television for 14 years peaking at over 700,000 views per show. The channel help launch the TV careers of Richard Hammond, John Inverdale, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kelly Brook and Katie Price to name just a few and featured shows such as ‘Two Wheels Extra’, ‘The Motor Show’, ‘Model Motors’, ‘Classic Motors’, ‘Car File’, ‘Four Wheels’, ‘Trucks’, ‘Kits’n’Cruisin’, ‘Concept Cars’, ‘The 100 Most Popular Cars Ever’, ‘Dream Deals’ and  ‘Motor Week’. After 14 Years on screen ITV’s focus changed to their own brand and in 2010 Men&Motors gave way to a ITV HD channel.

    In 2012 Men&Motors was bought by One Media iP Group Plc and relaunched on YouTube. The channel now features over 6,500 motoring videos achieving circa half-a- million weekly views to over 55,000 subscribers. The Men&Motors video library forms one of the most comprehensive automotive archives from this period and has been painstakingly digitised to ensure fans can continue to enjoy it in this digital age.


  • Philip Miles Moves to Main Board

    Philip Miles Moves to Main Board

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Philip Miles as a director to the main board of One Media iP Group Plc. Philip joined the company in 2006 and was appointed as a director of One Media iP Limited in April 2007.  His area of expertise has been in technical development for the Company on its internal ingestion systems and most recently on TCAT (Technical Copyright Analysis Tool).

    Nigel Smethers, the Finance Director is due to retire under rotation at the forthcoming AGM.  Nigel will stay with the Group as Company Secretary and Financial Controller until a new Finance Director is appointed.

    A further strategic realignment of the Group sees Alice Dyson-Jones promoted to Commercial director to the One Media iP Limited subsidiary board and Mary Kuehn will leave the subsidiary board as a Non-Executive Director and take up the role as the Executive Sales Consultant for North America.

    CEO Michael Infante commented "As our Group enters a new stage of digital development we must put into place the skill sets that will serve the Group moving forward. Nigel's retirement from the full responsibilities of a director will require a candidate with a specialist skill set to meet our new challenges. Nigel's relentless energy and involvement in the Groups founding development cannot be more appreciated and respected by me for which I thank him. Philip Miles has worked alongside me in technical development for 20 years, both in my previous company and here at One Media. As we enter a more demanding market for technical services, especially with our in-house developed service TCAT, it is only right that we have technical representation at board level. Our principal subsidiary company One Media iP Limited, which is responsible for day-to-day operations, also requires change in line with the shifting market. We will be aggressively marketing our content in the world of 'neighbouring rights' and need to turn our attention to both sales and marketing in this arena. Mary Kuehn joined the One Media iP Limited board in 2010 as a Non-Executive. She now moves off that board to take up a sales consulting position in North America on our behalf. Alice Dyson-Jones joined the company in November 2014 as Brands & Communications Manager. Her sales and marketing expertise together with her commercial knowledge of our industry now sees her promoted to Commercial Director of One Media iP Limited. She will spearhead our broadcast opportunities with Men & Motors and oversee our Neighbouring rights initiatives. She will continue to oversee Corporate Communications."

  • Associated Rediffusion TV Gets Rediffused

    Associated Rediffusion TV Gets Rediffused

    One Media iP Group Plc is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive digital exploitation agreement with the “Associated Rediffusion Television, Archive footage of 1954 to 1968” controlled by Archbuild Ltd. The distribution agreement includes thousands of hours of television footage, broadcast by Reddifusion from the 1950s through to the 1960s.

    One Media’s CEO Michael Infante said of the agreement “This is a hugely exciting deal that will allow us to make this rare and historic archive available digitally for the first time. Many of the programs have not been seen for over 50 years but will prove to be of great historical importance as this archive reflects the development of independent television which revolutionised TV broadcast as we know it today."

    Programs include TV classics such as: The Frost Program, This Week (over 500 hours of international current affairs from the era covering the post war changes across the world), Various Popular Quiz Shows from the period, Children's of Other Lands, Half Hour Story, Intertel, The Levin Interviews, Man of our Times, Peace Keepers, No Hiding Place (crime dramas), Play of the Week, Something to Say (interviews with the great leaders and celebrities of the time) Do Not Adjust your set, At last the 1948 Show, World of Crime series, Out of Step(Dan Farson) and over a hundred of 'one-off' documentaries from the time period including, the Ideal Home, The Queens Speech, Harrods a Shopping Guide, The Harlem Globetrotters, British Communism, The Derby in the 60's, The Budget 1962 and the British Academy Awards to just name a few selected titles. It is a vast historic collection of TV history memorabilia.

    All of the footage is carefully curated and stored at the British Film Institute (BFI) archives and will be made available to One Media under the Archbuild deal and the trans-coding process from the original formats will be undertaken throughout the term of the deal to allow both audio and visual digital exploitation of the content. The content will be made available for exploitation via One Media's digital channels and chosen partners such as YouTube and via podcasting so that monetisation via the ad-funded model can be achieved. The Group operates over 22 digital YouTube Channels including the motoring show Men & Motors previously owned by ITV/Granada which achieves over 450,000 views a week. One Media has achieved over 1.3 billion views to its YouTube Channels to date and regards historic exclusively controlled content as being of special interest to YouTube viewers searching specific subject matter.

    More detail will bemade available on the Groups web site as to the extent of the catalogue in due course.

  • Operational Highlights for year ending 31 October 2015

    Operational Highlights for year ending 31 October 2015

    • $781,846 USD awarded by Nashville Court USA in favour of the Group against Henry Hadaway, HHO Licensing Ltd and Henry Hadaway Organisation Ltd for the wilful infringement of 1,466 recordings from the Point Classics Catalogue of Recordings. The award has not been recognised in the financial statements for the financial year ending 31 October 2015 as there is uncertainty as to when the monies will be received. Our American lawyers continue to seek collection of this judgement via the Courts.
    • The acquisition from AJP Records of hours of popular classical music performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, traditional Christmas music from St. Paul's Cathedral, military marching music performed by H.M. Coldstream Guards and musical renditions of the Scottish Pipes & Drums.
    • TCAT (Technical Copyright Analysis Tool) our in-house developed copyright discovery tool is now being trialled as a service by the Group with several of the Major record labels.
    • Men and Motors acquired from Granada/ITV in 2012 is gathering traction. The YouTube channel is receiving over 450,000 views a week and new clips are being added weekly. 
    • One Media’s You Tube channels achieved 1.3 billion viewing minutes to date.
    • New collaboration with The London Children's Ballet to host a YouTube Channel for the 15 London show productions and create for the first time balletic moves edited into a move by move instructional episodes.
    • Exclusive digital and physical releases of the Dr. Who spin off drama ‘DownTime’.
    • Increase in the placing of music in high profile films, TV shows and commercials.

    CEO & Chairman’s Statement

    I have read with interest that using words like “challenging” and “new opportunities” seems to be every Chairman’s mantra when faced with change in a downward direction. Rarely do they ‘bang the drum’ when reporting negative growth. Investors in One Media will know that I have a significant shareholding and that I am completely motivated to keep One Media a viable investment concern. Reporting, as I must, a drop in our revenues and profit is not taken lightly by me.

    So what is going on?

    Jargon aside, our content is not meeting its market potential for two reasons. The first I spoke about at length in my 2014 Chairman’s Statement outlining the history of the music industry including the shift from downloading to streaming. Let me clarify this situation. When a consumer purchases a track on a ‘download’ basis they keep the track. It is held on their device and can be played anytime anywhere. The track is effectively theirs for all time. When a consumer ‘streams’ a track it is only available for as long as the consumer subscribes to their chosen streaming site. Stop subscribing and the music is no longer available to them. A ‘download’ site charges anything from thirty-five pence to over a pound per track. A streaming store provides access to all music available from ‘free with adverts’ to over ten pounds per month for unlimited access of music access and no adverts.

    For the first eight years of One Media’s business ‘downloading’ was the dominant format for music consumption. That model (downloading) is changing and shifting to ‘streaming’. We are not alone in feeling this shift, the whole industry must face this change. The financial ramifications during the shift are beginning to be felt as revenues decreased by 13% this year. Currency exchange rates have affected operating profits, with a £95,000 charge adding to this years decline in profitability by 30%.

    Long term, as I have stated, ‘streaming’ will benefit our style of content as more users join the streaming system of music listening and explore further nostalgic music. They will add legacy content to their ‘playlists’, which ordinarily they would have not necessarily chosen to buy as a download. It’s about destination shopping versus impulse purchase. I see streaming as impulse and downloading as destination. Most consumers who have made the switch widen their musical libraries as their monthly subscription allows an almost unlimited stream of tracks. Now the eventual benefit of streaming is that content holders receive money every time the track is played on a device. So over time content holders are receiving a continual royalty. You could liken this to a lifetime annuity policy as opposed to an upfront lump-sum.

    The second reason for a downturn in our revenue is the approach by some of the digital stores to ‘artist & repertoire’ selection, which favours front line chart and major back-catalogue with little room for certain  ‘indies’ style of content. Previously content owners had carte blanche to upload their entire content offerings. Now many digital stores make selections from their content owners instead. This is limiting selection in-line with their new marketing initiatives. Currently leading digital stores want to be cool. After all when was the last time you saw a TV commercial for Apple or Spotify that was aimed at the SAGA set. Music is music, there are no new hits from the 50s 60s, 70s or the 80s, it’s a definitive collection.  The first green shoots of an increase in streaming income to the Group comes in the form of YouTube and Google Play. Growth with these stores accounted for very little in the past but is set to lead the march.

    The Group continues to examine its content acquisition strategy but only in line with the changing market requirements. We are expanding our ‘neighbouring rights’ exploitation with an increase in the Group’s presence in this sector. Neighbouring rights are the rights related to the public performance of master recordings. In order for a recording to be legally performed in public, a licence must be obtained from the owner of the sound recording. This is typically handled through a neighbouring rights organisation such as Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) in the UK. Our content has been increasingly used within the film industry and as background music on radio. The acquisition of the Point Classics library is beginning to get traction here with our classical music being used in shows and films such as ‘The Good Wife’, ‘Orange Is The New Black’ and ‘Minions’.

    YouTube is continuing to grow for the Group as we create multiple YouTube Channels for ‘licensed in’ and Group owned content. Current viewings to date exceed 1.6 billion hits to the Group’s video content. This is purely monetised via the Advertiser Funded Programming (ad-funded) method. The monetisation to the Group is achieved from YouTube’s algorithmic data programs, matching viewer’s particular interests on content with their Google searches on services or products. So if you search Holidays in Caribbean, chances are you will get Caribbean holiday adverts targeted at you whilst watching your chosen content on YouTube. Our in-house trained Creative Technicians have all undergone the YouTube annual accreditation process and the Group is confirmed as an official YouTube Certified Partner.

    I have mentioned previously our in-house developed software for content discovery, known as TCAT (Technical Copyright Analysis Tool) which is now a registered trademark. The software searches legitimate digital stores and reports back on where globally and by whom our content is being exploited. The system has greatly assisted our in-house copyright team find the Group’s content being offered for sale by unlicensed vendors. This has led to your Group enforcing its rights with Digital Stores and the removal from sale of unauthorised content and a call for accounting where appropriate.  This tool is now being trialled as a service by the Group with several of the major record labels. If successful, this will become a regular service, on offer to the industry at large. TCAT’s first success was providing the information that led to the successful judgement in the USA against copyright infringers resulting in the award of $781,846 in favour of the Group in September 2015. The award has not been recognised in the financial statements for the financial year ending 31 October 2015 as there is uncertainty as to when the monies will be received. Our American lawyers continue to seek collection of this judgement via the Courts.

    As our route to market matures and we expand our expertise into technical services we remain strong in our conviction that content and digital delivery and discovery services will combine to see the Group expand and get ahead of the digital curve. We are cash resourced and are cautious investors that remain profitable albeit challenged by the changes in the market. We are in transition, which will continue with disruptive results whilst the market realigns.  

    Content and Rights Acquisition

    Our content acquisition program has slowed in the last year as values of catalogues have, in our opinion, been overvalued given the current market shifts. I believe greater opportunities in value will be achieved moving forward as the market settles. Our own share price has reflected this downturn but value will ‘out’ and bargains will be had. We have, however, made two strategic acquisitions. The first being more classical content from AJP Records.  The acquisition includes hours of popular classical music performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, traditional Christmas music from St. Paul's Cathedral, military marching music performed by H.M. Coldstream Guards and musical renditions of the Scottish Pipes & Drums.

    The second deal with Tropicana Holdings which allows collection of the PPL income to over 3,000 music performances held within the catalogues and master rights affiliated to the Motor City, Northern Soul and High Energy Catalogues of music already owned by the Group.  This deal further strengthens this catalogue's revenue bearing income stream. This acquisition of Neighbouring Rights income is likened to ground rents. The income stream is usually modest but is collected under statute in most territories worldwide. Every time a track is played anywhere in the world via a broadcast service or used to enhance a service or product, it triggers a payment which is ultimately reported to the label controlling such rights.

    In May 2015 the Group announced it had filed proceedings in the USA pursuant to its belief that its music rights had been exploited without authorisation. The Nashville Court ruled in the Group’s favour with regard to the actions by HHO Licensing Ltd, Henry Hadaway Organisation Ltd and Henry Hadaway personally. One Media was pleased to announce that this litigation was concluded. On 17 September 2015 the Federal Court in Nashville Tennessee issued a judgment in the sum of $781,846 USD against Henry Hadaway, HHO Licensing Ltd and Henry Hadaway Organisation Ltd (which includes costs of $9,929 USD) for the wilful infringement of 1,466 recordings from the Point Classics catalogue owned exclusively by One Media. The award has not been recognised in the financial statements for the financial year ending 31 October 2015 as there is uncertainty as to when the monies will be received.
    The Group is currently engaged in lawful pursuit of the monies granted it by the Nashville Court within the USA.

    We were delighted to announce a new collaboration with The London Children's Ballet (LCB) which will see, for the first time, the digital release of their entire music and video library made available to over 600 digital stores such as Google Play, iTunes, Spotify & Deezer. Additionally, a dedicated commercial video channel has been established on YouTube. One Media is working with ballet experts to edit the shows and for the first time will show the LCB productions on a move by move basis from a 'demi-plie’ to a ‘pas de deux’. Carrie Reiners, Executive Director of The London Children’s Ballet commented, “We are thrilled to work with One Media iP to help us promote our vast creative output to a larger audience.  For 21 years LCB has been a leader in creating new narrative ballets with original scores. This music is typically only heard in live performances and on DVD recordings, but now it will be accessible to all fans of classical and ballet music allowing us to grow our national and international footprint.  LCB chose One Media iP for their expertise in the digital music industry, their talented and dedicated staff and for their strong commitment to the arts.”

    We acquired the Doctor Who spin off drama ‘DownTime’, directed by Christopher Barry the longest serving director on the original series of Doctor Who. Downtime was originally released in 1995 direct-to-video by Reeltime Pictures Ltd and features many of the original characters of Doctor Who. The show is yet to make a digital debut as a distribution deal was struck between the Group and Koch Distribution to make the film available exclusively on DVD over the Christmas period.

    Synchronisation, the placing of music in films, TV shows and video, has seen an increasing number of ‘tune placing’ over the last year. We have been successful in placing music from our own library, and that of our strategic partners, in some high profile broadcast opportunities, including adverts for BMW and Toyota. From the world of TV and Film, we have had placings in the Minions Movie, a track in the American series ‘Nashville’ ‘The Messengers’, ‘The Originals’, ‘Flash’, ‘Stereotypically You’, ‘Anitra's Dance’, ‘Looking’ and a show on Fox/FX Networkscalled ‘Wayward Pines’ among many others. Monetising music through Film & TV is a strong way to get our content noticed and it assists in our digital exploitation opportunities via music stores, especially if the tracks are relatively unknown.
    The Group released Mungo Jerry’s exclusive new album ‘Good Times, Some Hits & More Stuff’ in June 2015, celebrating 45 years of ‘In The Summertime’. Ivor Novello winner, Mungo Jerry (Ray Dorset) is famed for the global hit ‘In the Summertime’, which is estimated to have sold a staggering thirty million recordings and is now ‘officially recognised as the most played summer song of all time.
    One Media became exclusive distributor for Juliette Ashby, a singer-songwriter from London, Juliette has a beautifully soulful voice, which is put to great use with an irresistible mix of R&B, Reggae and Neo-Soul. Juliette was Amy Winehouse’s best friend and is one of the co-narrators of the Oscar Nominated film ‘Amy’. Currently both of her albums are distributed by the Group with a new album being released in 2016.
    Men and Motors acquired from Granada/ITV in 2012 is gathering traction. The YouTube channel is receiving over 450,000 views a week and new clips are being added weekly. Additionally M&M attended the Geneva Motor Show and the Classic and Sports Car London Show at Alexandra Palace to both film new content and meet motor manufacturers in its initiative to establish closer links with the trade with a view to creating new content for its growing YouTube Channel. We are also pleased to announce that Men and Motors has signed a distribution deal with Haymarket Publishing to distribute its content via AOL for monetisation to the major news agencies. In addition we are actively seeking new terrestrial television opportunities with broadcasters with a view to get Men and Motors back on the small screen.  

    Market Overview

    The music market is experiencing considerable change once again. Apple Music gained 6.5 million paid subscribers after the initial free trial, with the latest data suggesting that there could now be over 10 million subscribers. This has clearly been enough to disrupt the iTunes model of downloading as few will pay for both. Spotify have reported 75 million users of which 20 million are paying subscribers, the balance on ad-funded monetisation.  But what of YouTube with its impressive 1 billion users. The launch of its new subscription only music site YouTube Red will no doubt be a boost to our industry as it gains traction. And what of the new territories coming on line for all stores as they race for a larger digital footprint. Colombia became something of a buzzword for the international music industry. It is thanks to the country’s booming domestic music market, with revenue from recorded music growing 44.5% in 2014, the second highest growth rate in the world behind Venezuela and Colombia’s third successive year of double-digit growth. This is largely due to the new music services opening their doors for business as the globalisation of streaming takes effect. Deezer, Spotify and Google Play all have active services across many territories now. The same is happening in Africa, Asia and China as consumers legitimise their music consumption from ‘shaky pirate sites’ to ‘ad-funded’ legitimate sites. The Recording Industry in Numbers, a new report by IFPI, revealed that last year, global recorded music sales totalled $16.5 billion - an increase of 0.2% on 2014. It marked the first year of growth since 1999. Nine of the world’s top 20 markets posted growth, although some major markets, including the UK, continued to decline.


    Meeting the new demands of the Group, under the pressures of the changing industry, will be undertaken with a strategy that is being carefully crafted. We know we can expect further disruption to our revenues as we realign with the emerging digital streaming industry. We have both the reactive and proactive skills to deal with the content requirements and the technical skills developed in-house without the need for further funding. We are cautious investors and rapid responders and anticipate more challenges over the coming period as the market settles into its new monetisation regime.  Our team is actively promoting our content with initiatives in broadcast and technical content discovery that will deliver value in the future. All of these opportunities require a strong commitment from the Group’s team in the further exploitation within the new markets for our intellectual property. I am confident that we are equipped and experienced enough to make the tough decisions required, keeping the group profitable and getting ahead of the digital curve.    

    The report of the auditor in the Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 October 2015 is unqualified and the results announcement can be viewed on the company’s website,, with effect from Monday 7 March 2016. Notice of the Annual General Meeting, to be held at 11.00 a.m. on Friday 29 April 2016 will be posted to shareholders along with audited financial statements on or by Monday 4 April 2016.

    Michael Infante
    Chairman and CEO
    7 March 2016

  • Wondering Where Your Music Should Flow From?

    Wondering Where Your Music Should Flow From?

    With streaming accounting for 73% of the UK Singles Chart in Q4 last year and 33.8% of artist albums in Q3, it’s impossible to deny the rise of the stream! So if you’re still wondering whether to jump in, here’s the One Media iP short guide to streaming.

    With more and more services vying for your £9.99 per month, there’s lots to choose from, but are the products on offer actually that different? Most services you opt for stream music at a maximum of 320kbps so unless you're an audiophile you should be satisfied. Most services boast how comprehensive their catalogue is and with so much music, you probably won’t notice something specific is missing until you deliberately look for it…

    So if you’re a complete novice looking to dip your toe in, Amazon Prime Music is a great place to start as many people will already have it bundled with their Amazon free delivery. It feels geared to the mainstream and its Best Of Prime Music playlist feels like a crowd pleaser. Its new radio station function is easy to use too. Start here and you may want to move on to the more targeted music fan services…

    Tidal is still splashing about! What it lacks in popularity, it makes up for with style and simplicity. Its video content gives YouTube a bit of competition and its Tidal Rising section, which promotes up-and-coming acts, gives a nice edge. If you have good enough speakers or headphones, Tidal’s Hi-Fi option does give better sound quality, the service is targeted at the music obsessive… but is it worth the extra price tag…?

    Deezer clearly spent their design budget on their advertising campaign but hidden in the offering is its gem of a podcast feature. Its overall offering blends in to the background, not doing enough to stand out from the pack.

    Despite being the first of its kind to make it big, Napster offers more or less the same as everyone else and has no killer function that makes it stand out over Spotify, other than the transfer of playlists from other services. Apple Music, where things are as easy to navigate as a ladies handbag, does at least look the part, and whilst the curation may be good, the functionality is beyond bad. The playlists may be great, but you’ll have lost the will to live trying to work with it. Spotify's Discover Weekly is known to be ace, but its curation can feel limited.

    Spotify is still the biggest player in the music streaming market and to be honest there’s good reason, it's user friendly and intuitive, but Google Music is certainly worth a look. A real plus point of Google Music is the ability to upload your existing music. You can backup and listen to up to 20,000 tracks, which appear alongside your streaming content as one happy library.

    The hotly-anticipated UK launches of subscription series from YouTube Red and SoundCloud will no doubt bring even more choice to this already busy sector.

    The industry may still view streaming as the monkey on its back, but it’s time to embrace the future. 2016 is the year of the monkey after all.  Happy paddling.

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