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One Media iP Group is an expanding and profitable B2B music rights acquirer and exploiter. We specialise in acquiring and monetising music content through digital download and streaming services worldwide. Our library now contains in excess of 170,000 nostalgia music tracks.

Digital Exploitation

As a digital music label, our clients are at the forefront of digital music services. Compiled from the vast library of music tracks we own and/or control we have supplied more than 16,000 music albums to all the major digital music stores worldwide including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Sync Library

As a B2B audio provider, music from our sync library is used in adverts, films, TV shows and games. Our bespoke online software enables music supervisors to find the perfect music to fit their brief. All tracks are available to stream as full-length MP3s and the advanced search facility allows you to search for lyrics, moods, years, chart positions, genre, and of course specific artists and tracks. We have music to suit all briefs and budgets at unbeatable rates.

Music Library

One Media iP is a major independent music content owner. The library contains in excess of 170,000 music tracks performed by over 4,000 artists from the 1920s to the 21st century with hits spanning 10 decades and every genre of music from Rock to Pop, Country, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Electronic, Reggae, Children's, Gospel, World music and Hip-Hop, plus over 1200 hours of classical music.

Investor Relations

One Media iP Group Plc is listed on the AIM Market (a share trading platform of the London Stock Exchange). It is profitable, debt free, has EIS and VCT eligibility and is a dividend stock.

5th December 2016


Pointing The Way With The Classics












Point Classic, our classical music library of over 4000 classical recordings is much more than just a record collection, it is also a very proactive sales tool for which we will shortly be launching a new dedicated website. The library is used daily by music supervisors, who take advantage of our intuitive search tools and competitive pricing schedules. ​Our music is registered with the Library of Congress in the USA and clearance for synchronization usage is usually immediate. Success for the Point Classics content has been increasing and our music has been used in many acclaimed tv shows and films worldwide.

Recent placements include great shows such as:

Gilmore Girls | Gotham |Westworld | Odd Mom Out | Melody 1963 | The Loner | American Gothic | Year by the Sea | Major Crimes | Minions | Orange is the New Black | The Fosters | Hannibal | The Comedians | Looking | The Road Within | Mozart in the Jungle

Right now we are working on bringing a host of new classics to the library. Maybe it's also time for the Point Classics Orchestra to be formed and take it on the road! More on this in 2017.

Call us here at for Europe
623 East Props Building | Pinewood Studios | Iver Heath | Bucks | SL0 0NH | United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1753 785500 | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or for the USA our representative
Crucial Music Corporation Studio City, CA 91604 818-985-5810 ext. 101 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • A Sad Farewell to the Voice of One Media

    A Sad Farewell to the Voice of One Media

    Our bestest friend Dave Cash died a week ago, aged 74. Dave was the voice behind all of One Media's corporate videos. He spent hundreds of hours with us making the Dave Cash Collection, a selection of music (the largest choice ever by a British DJ) for digital distribution. Dave became a great mate to us and when he married Sara we knew he had found real happiness. Our heart felt sympathies go to Sara and Mr Beesley. Dave needs no introduction or farewell from us and in his immortal words "he will be back after this short break", "Groovy Baby". We will really miss him, but his voice will live on...


  • Men & Motors Attending MIPCOM

    Men & Motors Attending MIPCOM

    One Media iP with its newly formatted Men and Motors show, will be attending MipCom in Cannes, France 16th October to the 20th October.

    MIPCOM is the year’s most anticipated global market for entertainment content across all platforms.

    Every October, the industry’s major players converge in Cannes to turn every moment into an opportunity, transforming four days of meetings, screenings and conferences into deals, from blockbuster programming to groundbreaking partnerships.

    The Sales Pitch for the New M&M Show

    Men & Motors, the seminal TV show will be celebrating its 21st birthday next year. The show that launched the career of Richard Hammond is back with a brand new TV show and format. 2017 will see this iconic brand launch a youth orientated entertainment show with cars, games, gadgets and music targeted at an audience aged 18 to 34.

    From the Director of “Big Brother”, “Love Island” and “I’m a Celeb…” the presenting team, fronted by Shane Lynch (Boyzone) and Torie Campbell (One Second in F1) will play outrageous car games, demystify the latest tech, create romance and heartache in a car dating game, whilst taking no prisoners out on the road as they test what’s 'in’ or ‘out’. If you cross “Top Gear”, “Robot Wars”, “The Gadget Show” and “Take Me Out”, you still will not have scratched the surface. Our own in-house Physicist makes Vorderman look like a dumb-ass and our version of “Four Poofs and a Piano”, ‘Bloxed Beats’ serve up the cool urban musical intros. Stunt driver Mauro Calo delivers the on and off road action, as well as pizza. With a heritage of over 3000 shows of archive content spanning the first twenty years as broadcast on Granada/ITV, this is a new entertainment show centred around its brand, cars, carnage, technology and even love, all delivered from our mobile studio rig, that will be located wherever the action is.

  • One Media completes filming of its new Men & Motors Pilot Show

    One Media completes filming of its new Men & Motors Pilot Show

    One Media iP Group Plc is pleased to announce it has completed the filming of a video pilot for a new Men & Motors series to be pitched to all major broadcasters both in the UK and on the international broadcast market.

    The 22-minute pilot is being edited at Pinewood Studio. Filming for the pilot has taken place over the summer at well-known British locations with an exciting climax filmed at Brand Hatch. The show is hosted by Boyzone’s Shane Lynch and Mercedes’s corporate and CNBS’s FI presenter Torie Campbell. The format of the new show is targeted at ‘late teens to thirty cools’.

    The new format, which will be a first for a motoring show, features music, in-car technology, car tests, a dating game, a destruction game, teen sport challenges, virtual car reality and high-octane fun. The supporting presenters feature Bloxed Beats, a ‘beat box’ singing combo, a well-known film stunt driver and our very own Phd physicist for the technical analysis on in car development and virtual gaming challenges.

    The show will not go head-to-head with current motoring shows but will create a new motoring entertainment genre. Directed by Danny Tate (Big Brother) and hosted on the Monster Energy drinks mobile rig the new Men & Motors show will be in a class all of its own.  Pitching to broadcasters will start in September 2016 and the format will be further pitched at MipCom in Cannes, France in October 2016 for international licensing opportunities.

    Michael Infante CEO & Chairman and said:-

    “We have tested the brand on YouTube and have been delighted at the level of interest in seeing the brand being re-launched. We intend to pitch to broadcast partners and will confirm a production company to deliver the show once a new broadcast platform has been established. Having been involved in the making of the pilot I am excited at the enthusiasm and energy that the newly formatted show will demonstrate. Shane & Torie and their co-hosts, have a TV broadcast chemistry and professionalism that really makes this a whole new motoring TV format. It’s a blast. We have thrown away the rulebook and rewritten the way that our intended target audience will reconnect with cars, trains, planes, boats and high-tech ‘stuff’. A boy’s toys special that girls will love. We have a horde of games and the latest in-car and gaming technology



    One Media iP Group Plc is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive long-term digital exploitation license agreement with HiBrow Productions TV & music.

    HiBrow Productions was founded in 2008 by the London based Scottish film director Don Boyd, who gathered a wide and eclectic range of prestigious professionals from the international arts industries, the HiBrow ‘Curators’ whose remit was to create high quality arts content exclusively for its website The company’s experienced film-making teams have produced over 200 hours of original High Definition digital video content featuring numerous internationally acclaimed artists such as Joanna Lumley, Simon Callow, Brian Cox, Gary Kemp, Mike Leigh, Danny Boyle, Boris Johnson, Darcy Bussell, Phil Davies, Sebastian Foulkes, John Le Carre, Philip Pullman, Rupert Everett to name just a few with content spanning genres and specialties from across the arts spectrum, authors, actors, dancers choreographers, conductors, musicians, directors and designers all feature in this best of breed collection. It has enjoyed successful associations and partnerships with several major institutions including the BBC and Sky Arts. In November 2013, HiBrow was awarded a significant grant by the Arts Council England to support its 2014/16 production programme. An award that clearly recognised the significance of HiBrow’s contribution to the art world through the content it was creating.

    The deal with One Media will ensure this relatively unexposed and unexploited content will now be made available to larger audiences via its digital audio and video routes to market which include YouTube, Amazon and its 600 digital stores such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Google Play. Exact release plans are still to be announced but along side broadcast opportunities, fans can look forward to exploring ‘The HiBrow Music Sessions’ and ‘The HiBrow Spokenword Collections’ on consumer sites.

    Michael Infante commenting on the deal said, “The HiBrow catalogue is a varied collection of content ranging from the Edinburgh Festival, the Quadrophenia Reunion to large orchestral works both classical and light. It features 'close up' interviews with the great and the good of the Art World, to leading composers in music and authors of great literary works. It gets behind the scenes of fashion and broadcast, making this collection the most amazing insight to the 'Arts' available today. Contemporary in his approach, Don Boyd has been the architect to an amazing evolving catalogue of film that drills down deeply under the surface of the Arts. Establishing a market for these masterpieces is both a privilege and an honour.”

    Don Boyd, HiBrow's Artistic Director, commented: “One Media’s talented team are proving that intelligent exploitation and marketing of digital content via the internet can broaden audiences and provide revenues in a very competitive arena dominated by vast conglomerates with massive resources. I am delighted to be working with kindred spirits who share my passionate belief that there are significant audiences for arts programming globally. I am confident that One Media will help HiBrow reach out to fans globally as HiBrow contines on its quest to serve a public hungry for previously inaccessible high quality cultural experiences.”

    Visti the official HiBrow website to view this amazing cultural collection of visual content or YouTube:

  • One Media iP announces half-year results and 2nd interim dividend

    One Media iP announces half-year results and 2nd interim dividend

    Michael Infante, Chairman and CEO, commented: "The half year point is a barometer for companies for the climate ahead. Our long-term view is that of a continued repositioning of the Group's content in the changing digital marketplace and one of fresh initiatives that bring new areas of monetisation to the Company. Our year-end report of 31st October 2015 detailed our repositioning program as we weather the shift in the digital stores (eg. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Deezer) changing pattern of exploitation and monetisation of music, from the downloading model to that of streaming. In addition, we manage the digital stores changes in content and genres in which many of them wish to specialise. Six months on, I believe that the seismic change will most affect us this year and into the beginning of the next year. What market intelligence does tell us is that ourcore business (like the rest of the music industries) is set to reach a hiatus, with recovery expected to commence in Q1 2017. We continue to have confidence in our market approach and our new music and video and technical related initiatives are well positioned to regain our mission of 'IP' exploitation, growth and continued profit."

     For full half year report please click here:

  • One Media iP to attend Midem

    One Media iP to attend Midem

    One Media iP is pleased to announce it's attendance at this years Midem, THE LEADING INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS EVENT FOR THE MUSIC ECOSYSTEM held in Cannes, at the Palais des Festivals, from 3-6th June 2015.

    The team will join 6,150 participants and 1,236 exhibiting companies from 75 countries, building and expanding their international network. One Media's Chairman Michael Infante commented "Midem gives us the opportunity to stay on top of the industry trends and ensure our vision is always one step ahead as we dig deeper into subjects that are at the core of our industry.  As the industry continues to exeprience change, we must continue to operate the best practices in the fields of music, technology, creativity and innovation.  We pride ourselves as being one step ahead of the curve and Midem is a great opoprtunity to meet other influential and bright leaders in music, brands and technology."

    To arrange a meeting with one of the One Media iP team attending the conference please email:

    Michael Infante - CEO & Chairman - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Roman Poplawski - Director Business Affairs - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Alice Dyson-Jones - Commercial Director - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Mary Kuehn - Executive Sales Consultant (North America) - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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