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10 Year Extention with Easy Action Recordings Ltd

One Media secures 10 year extension to the deal that allows them to digitally distribute recordings by 70's artists including Paul Weller, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and The Sex Pistols.

One Media, the PLUS quoted nostalgic entertainment content group has extended its deal with Easy Action Recordings Ltd to continue distributing its recordings digitally on more favorable terms. The deal sees the company pay a further advance in return for the 10 year extension and a reduced onward royalty. The catalogue contains circa 400 recordings by established artists including The Sex Pistols, Paul Weller, Lou Reed, T Rex and Iggy Pop from the 1970's.

One Media operates on a B2B Basis focusing on entertainment asset utilization, its key strengths include the ability maxamise revenue potential by producing advanced and detailed metadata and recompiling the music rights it controls to create new compilations and albums. One Media distributes its content, over 11,000 albums, to over 300 digital music services worldwide operating streaming, subscription and permanent download stores. These Includes iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, HMV, Tesco, Verison and Spotify.

Michael Infante, Chief Executive of One Media commented

This catalogue has performed well since we signed the original deal, it is part of our strategy to secure the future profitability of the group by extending the terms of the licensing deals the group has entered into with the knowledge this catalogue is a good revenue earner.