One Media iP

One Media iP Group Plc

623 East Props Building
Goldfinger Avenue
Pinewood Studios

Iver Heath
United Kingdom

T: 01753 785500

F: 01753 655005


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One Media iP Group Plc

One Media iP Ltd

Michael Infante

CEO & Chairman

Nigel Smethers

Finance Director

Roman Poplawski

Non-Executive Director

Scott Cohen

Non-Executive Director

Philip Miles

Technical Director

Mary Kuehn

Director (USA based)

Alice Dyson-Jones

Brand and Communications Manager

Nina Musikant

Senior Managing Creative Technician

Vicki Papps

Legal Copyright Coordinator

Kym Davies

Managing Creative Technician

Jeanine Ellington

Creative Technician

Psarlay Junbish

Creative Technician

Marc Ward

Junior Creative Technician