20th May 2016

Hadaway Income Successfully Intercepted

Federal Court Court

Judge Rules in Favor of One Media iP

In September last year One Media announced that the Federal Court in Nashville Tennessee had issued a judgment for the sum of $781,846.32 USD (seven hundred & eighty one thousand, eight hundred and forty six dollars and 32 cents) (which includes costs of $9,928.82 USD) in favour of One Media iP Ltd against the HHO entities and Henry Hadaway personally for the wilful infringement of 1,466 (one thousand four hundred and sixty six) recordings from the Point Classics catalogue owned exclusively by One Media iP Ltd.


Having explored its legal options with regards to enforcing the award made by the Federal Court in Nashville Tennessee, One Media is pleased to update that it was informed by the Criminal Investigator’s office of the United States Marshal of the Southern District of New York that it has successfully intercepted $44,585.94 of income due to Hadaway by its New York-based distributor from its on-going digital music exploitation within the United States.  The Company is aware that Hadaway is now attempting to re-litigate the aforementioned judgment in Nashville Tennessee.

Michael Infante Chairman & CEO commented, “The Hadaway defendants have had ample time to defend this matter. They were served in accordance with the Hague Convention and a judgment against them was obtained in the State of Tennessee in accordance with US Law. They have had over two years in which to make legal representations in this case. They chose not to engage in the proceedings. Eight months have now passed since the ruling and the Group has been successful in its first collection of monies. One Media will robustly defend this attempt to undermine the judgment. In the meantime the United States Marshals Service will continue to enforce further collections of monies to satisfy this judgment.”

Point Classics is currently one of the leading digital classical music catalogues and comprises many of the great masterpieces by the world’s greatest composers. Works composed by Vivaldi, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Smetana, Schumann, Schubert, Rossini, Ravel, Pachelbel, Mozart, Hadyn, Handel, Dvorak, Brahms, Bizet, Beethoven, Bach and Albinoni to name just some of the 100 composers within the catalogue of rights.

The catalogue comprises of over 4000 recordings it is widely used (under strict license) for digital, physical and synchronization purposes. Point Classics operates a digital web site for music supervisors and licensees alike whereby the content is regularly exploited on a B2B basis. (www.pointclassics.com)

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At the end of 2015, 68 million people were paying for a subscription to music-streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and their rivals.

A year later, that figure had grown to 97 million, according to industry body the IFPI, which published its annual Global Music Report this afternoon.

Once family plans, where up to six people in a household access a streaming service through one subscription, the number of ‘paid subscription users’ at the end of 2016 rises to 112 million.

It’s this growth in streaming subscription services that’s the driving force behind the recorded-music industry’s overall growth in 2016, with global revenues up 5.9% to $15.7bn.

Within that, streaming revenues – from paid subscriptions and free, ad-supported services – grew by 60.4%. Revenues from physical music sales fell by 7.6%, while those from downloads fell by 20.5%.

2016 was also a tipping point for the industry: the first year when digital music accounted for half of labels’ overall revenues

The 5.9% overall growth follows a 3.6% increase in 2015: two consecutive years of growth, although the IFPI and its major-label members spent a decent proportion of their press conference in London this morning emphasising the 40% decline over the 15 preceding years.
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