One Media iP

Investment in digital storage and delivery platform

One Media has made a £50,000 investment in digital storage and delivery platform to host the group's audio and film content.

One Media, the PLUS quoted consolidators and acquirers of music and video rights, is pleased to announce that it has purchased and configured - in association with the data-centre at Pinewood Studios and SohoNet (its provider of connectivity) - a new digital storage system to house its growing audio library and newly acquired film and visual music documentary content. The investment provides One Media with a substantially increased media storage ability, increased media delivery bandwidth, a robust disaster recovery solution and a scalable system to meet future digital storage and delivery requirements. Based at Pinewood Studios, One Media has capitalised on the facilities available to the major movie companies. The data centre is remote from the One Media office ensuring the secure back-up of the nostalgic audio and visual content in which One Media trades.

Michael Infante Chairman & CEO said:

We have been based at Pinewood Studios since we started the business in 2006 and have found the facility to be the perfect host for our commercial operation. Now with the enhanced digital facilities and our growing library of music and film, we are utilising the studio's technical expertise. Being on site 'over the shop' is a commercially viable solution to a digital business, especially, as our bandwidth is scalable to 10/GBs (gigabits per seconds) which would allow us to deliver 12,000 digital albums in under two hours at compact disc quality. We continue to invest in content and now the technology to ensure the company's ability to deliver what it buys.