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Amazon Create a Disc

One Media announces it will supply over 4,500 albums on CD and well as digitally via the ‘Amazon Create a Disc’ system.


One Media is pleased to announce it has agreed a further digital exploitation of its catalogue via the ‘Amazon Create a Disc’ system. Initially over 4500 albums from the One Media catalogue will be made available to this service that facilitates consumers to not just to download a digital file of an album but to request a physical compact disc version to be sent to them in the post. The service which has been tested in the USA is opening in Germany and may well be extended to other territories as Amazon expands this service. One Media has not historically supplied physical versions of its music catalogue to date and welcomes this initiative by Amazon to supply compact discs of its digital content via its new service.


Michael Infante, Chief Executive of One Media, said: "The Amazon initiative takes many of our albums and makes them available both digitally and as physical CD with no ‘stock responsibility or manufacturing involvement’ from us. The service accessed via the Amazon website allows a ‘one off’ disc to be burned and posted to the consumer as well as a digital version.”